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T.I. and Tiny Have Paused Their Divorce Case. Do I Have That Option in Florida?

There can be a lot that can be learned from the family law cases of celebrities. Take the divorce litigation of hip-hop and reality TV stars T.I. and Tiny. The pair’s divorce case has been pending since late 2016. Now, the celebrity news site Bossip reported that Tiny has hit “pause” on the advancement of the divorce case and that rumors “have swirled that the exes…were planning to renew their vows.” So can you pause your divorce case in Florida, and, if so, how? For answers to important questions like these and others, make sure to consult a knowledgeable Miami divorce attorney about your situation.

Some may know T.I. as the hip-hop artist involved in such hit songs as “Whatever You Like,” “Live Your Life,” “Dead and Gone,” and “Blurred Lines,” and they may know his wife, Tiny, as a member of the R&B vocal group XSCAP3. Others may know the couple for their successful reality TV series, T.I. and Tiny:  The Family Hustle. In December 2016, though, the pair of hip-hop entrepreneurs made news for a more personal reason, when Tiny filed for divorce. Nearly a year and one-half later, the case is still pending in the trial court. Recently, Tiny filed court papers that would further delay the advancement of the case.

The latest development in the star couple’s divorce, which is not taking place in the Florida courts, was the filing of a “leave of absence,” which brought a stop to the proceeding. It was the second time that had happened in the pair’s case.

What if you have filed a petition for divorce in Florida and are having second thoughts? Obviously, one option available as the party who filed the case is to ask the court to dismiss the petition. This process is comparatively straightforward.

However, what if you are unsure that you do want to go forward, but you’re also uncertain that you DON’T? Florida has an option for that too. You can file a request with the court seeking an order that abates your case. When a judge grants your motion to abate your divorce case, that effectively hits “pause” on the litigation. The order will pause the litigation for a set period of time. The idea is that this period of time will allow your spouse and you an opportunity to work on reconciliation and determine whether or not you want to go ahead with the divorce. If you later decide that you do want to proceed with your divorce case, it requires filing a motion to continue the case with the court.

Everyone’s divorce case is different. Some people are 100% certain they want to get the divorce and want the matter concluded as quickly as possible. For others, there is greater uncertainty and less motivation to finish the process as fast as possible. No matter your situation, skilled Miami divorce attorney Sara Saba can help you pursue your goals. This office has been providing reliable advice and strong advocacy to clients for more than 13 years. Our team is dedicated to meeting your family law needs. Contact us online or by calling (305) 450-8009 to schedule your consultation. Hablamos Español.

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